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Oil ChangesThe engine in your vehicle relies on clean motor oil to keep things running smoothly. If your motor oil gets clogged up with dirt, debris, and small pieces of metal, it can cause serious problems later. In fact, failing to get regular oil changes can cause your motor to overheat or your engine to break down completely. Don’t take a chance on your vehicle’s preventative maintenance and be sure to schedule an oil change with Eurotech Auto Service & Repair today.

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A vehicle’s engine consists of hundreds of moving parts. In order to keep things lubricated, the engine requires motor oil and a clean oil filter to help remove excess dirt and debris. Over time as you drive more, the engine’s parts rub together, and tiny pieces of metal may accumulate in the oil. Frequent driving can also cause the faster buildup of dirt, gunk, and general debris. As this debris builds up, it causes the oil to become dark, thick, and ineffective. That’s why you need to have your vehicle scheduled for oil changes on a regular basis. Check your owner’s manual to find out the required frequency of your oil changes. Most cars only need one every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, if you drive a lot or tend to drive at fast speeds or in tough conditions, you may need an oil change more often.

At Eurotech Auto Service & Repair, we can get your oil change done fast. We’ll drain the oil motor oil, remove the old filter, and replace it with a new filter and clean motor oil for a smooth transition. Getting regular oil changes can extend the life of your vehicle and protect it from overheating. It’s also an easy, inexpensive way to help you avoid costly repairs.

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Getting an oil change is just one part of good auto maintenance. Make sure you bring your vehicle in for wheel alignments, tire balancing, and brake inspections on a regular basis. We can help you come up with a maintenance plan and a schedule that works for you. In fact, you can have all of your auto maintenance tasks scheduled at the same time so you can get it all done at once. It’s the best way to protect the health of your engine and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

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