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Steering & Suspension RepairYour vehicle’s steering and suspension system work hard to provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride. If either of these components needs repair, it can cause rough handling and a bumpy road ahead. The suspension system provides traction by keeping your wheels in contact with the ground, while the steering helps you control turns and keeps your vehicle on the straight and narrow. If you need suspension repair in Fort Myers, be sure to contact the experts at Eurotech Auto Service & Repair today.

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There can be several reasons why your vehicle’s steering or suspension system may need repair. It’s important to pay close attention to these signs of trouble so you can get the issue corrected right away. Not only does the steering and suspension affect how your car handles, but these systems also keep you safe by providing you with the proper traction your vehicle requires for a smooth, comfortable ride.

One common sign of trouble is if your vehicle is pulling to the right or left side of the road while you drive. This may be related to the wheel alignment, but it could also mean that your suspension system’s shock absorbers or ball joints are worn out. These components should be inspected right away to determine if they need to be repaired or replaced. Another red flag is if you start to feel every bump in the road. This red flag indicates that your struts or shock absorbers may need some attention. You can perform a simple “bounce test” to find out the condition yourself. Push your body weight onto the trunk and release. Count the number of times your car bounces and if it’s more than three times, you could have a problem with the struts or shock absorbers.

If one corner of your car feels like it’s lower than the rest, your suspension springs could be worn or broken. Another sign of trouble is if you hear loud noises whenever you drive over a pothole. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and listen for any squealing sounds when you drive. These issues may indicate issues with the suspension system springs. Other issues include difficulty steering, your vehicle “nose dives” forward when you brake, or it feels like your car rolls to one side whenever you turn a corner. If you notice any of these, bring your vehicle to Eurotech Auto Service & Repair for a steering and suspension system inspection today.

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