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Transmission RepairA transmission relies on hundreds of parts that are constantly moving, heating up, and interacting to keep your vehicle running. This important system utilizes many different components both internally and externally that all work together to keep your vehicle moving. As time goes on, the transmission system will experience wear and tear, requiring everything from a simple fluid flush to a transmission repair job. The experts at Eurotech Auto Service & Repair can keep your transmission system running smoothly.

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If your transmission is in trouble, it’s vital that you catch the problem as soon as possible. The longer you let transmission issues linger, the more serious the repairs will be. If possible, bring your vehicle to our Fort Myers location for a thorough transmission inspection so we can pinpoint the problem before things get out of hand. Here are some signs of transmission trouble that every driver should be on the lookout for:

  • If you have a manual transmission, the gear shifter is physically difficult to move or won’t go into gear at all
  • You notice a burning smell coming from underneath the hood
  • The car shakes and gets worse when driving at higher speeds
  • The transmission jumps, slips, or grinds when you accelerate or shift gears
  • Your car pauses before moving when you shift from park or it pauses in forward motion when shifting into first gear
  • There is fluid visibly leaking from your vehicle (maybe transmission fluid), or the fluid on the dipstick is thick, cloudy, or has a strong, foul odor

If you notice any of these trouble signs, take your vehicle to Eurotech Auto Service & Repair right away.

Transmission Service Fort Myers

In many cases, your transmission woes are a result of old, dirty fluid. A transmission system fluid flush will help maintain the proper level of hydraulic pressure that powers the movement within the transmission. Clean, debris-free transmission fluid is the best way to protect your vehicle from overheating and to keep the system running smoothly. Our technicians will also perform a thorough inspection to look for worn-out gears, clutches (manual transmission only), or issues with the needle roller bearings. Once we determine the problem, we can replace broken or worn-out parts to help prevent more expensive problems from occurring later.

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