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We are an automobile care facility, an alternative to your dealer for European car repair. We offer the greatest level of knowledge and experience at a lower price than your local dealer or other auto-repair shops. We provide our customers with an extensive background in electronics, mechanics, and certification in BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, VW, and various other car makes and models. Each member of our team complements each other with a variety of key skills and knowledge. In addition to sharing a passion for cars, honesty, and helping people, we strive to meet clients’ full expectations and satisfaction. Come to meet a different concept of automobile care and the best-customized customer service.


Milko Del Castillo

My goal is to apply my knowledge and repair skills to your vehicle with accuracy and success. When you leave my establishment, I want you to be satisfied and tell others you were treated fairly and received the very best of my service.

My name is Milko del Castillo, born in Iquitos and raised in Lima-Peru for a better education. I graduated as a diesel mechanic in 2008 from TECSUP in Lima-Peru. In 2012, I earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering at the Peruvian University of Science in Lima-Peru.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to the US to continue my education and to earn a better future. I started studying information technology at Hodges University in Naples. At the same time, I worked at Toyota in Naples for about 2.5 years, where I took classes and became certified in Toyota, Lexus and Scion branded vehicles.

My fixation with BMW’s started with having one myself, diagnosing it, and being amused with its technology. I had the opportunity to work for them for a few years, and I learned more procedures and techniques to optimize the best results in fixing cars.

Combining my ideas and knowledge drove me to go back to school to study software engineering, and I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s at FGCU while growing and helping people at Eurotech Auto Service & Repair.

Eurotech Auto Service & Repair was started because of the high demand for honest and trustworthy mechanics people needed on a regular basis. At the start of this journey, I begin repairing friends’ and family’s cars on the weekends, and the demand for my services grew over time.

Now we are an automotive repair shop, an affordable option to your dealer, same job, same parts, same warranty, and lower prices. We offer high-quality service and the best customer service experience.

For immediate assistance, please call 239-268-6635. Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 5:00pm

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